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World Express Travel, Inc., a leading travel agency based in the Los Angeles area, has specialized in trips to Israel and other Mediterranean destinations since its founding in 1976. Partners Meir Kraut and Orit Topf, along with World Express’ world-class staff, go above and beyond to ensure that their customers forge memories that last a lifetime.

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Orit Topf – World Express Travel, Inc.
When Orit Topf took a part-time job as a travel consultant at her university  in Israel, she never dreamed of what was to come. She enjoyed it so much that she earned her degree in travel, and became a travel agent in 1982. In 1990, she moved to California, joining World Express in 1995. Orit brought her passion for Israel with her, and vowed to “bring Israel to as many people” as she could.

“I like to help people every step of the way to ensure that they have the best possible time on their trip,  regardless of the country they visit,” says Orit. “I absolutely love to see Israel through the eyes of others. Each passenger sees Israel in a different way, and as such, each trip is unique and extremely rewarding.”

Orit often accompanies groups to Israel to ensure that everything goes as planned. Though Orit acknowledges that there are many online booking agencies available, she’s confident that a computer is no substitute for the personal touch.

“If something goes wrong with your trip, and our services are utilized, there’s always someone to  talk to – someone to fix it,” she says. “With other online services, who are you going to talk to? Voicemail? Someone in ‘customer service’ who doesn’t know you or your itinerary?”

Orit is married and has two children. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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Meir Kraut – World Express Travel, Inc.
A leading pioneer in the travel and tourism industry, Meir Kraut founded World Express in 1976 as the culmination of his life-long vision of opening the world to tourists of all budget levels and backgrounds.

Born in Israel, Meir began his ground-breaking career in the travel industry with years of experience in London before moving to the United States. Seeing the opportunity to found a travel and tour agency that provides unique services to the traveling public, he established World Express, which immediately became one of the premiere agencies in the country.

With an unparalleled reputation for individualized service and a commitment to providing the highest quality travel experience along with the lowest prices in the industry, World Express offers one-of-a-kind worldwide services with a special emphasis in Israel and the neighboring countries of Jordan, Egypt, Greece and Turkey.

Today, World Express is the leading tour operator to Israel, offering exciting, informative, affordable travel to the Holy Land and the world beyond for tourists of all religions and nationalities.

A father of three, Meir currently resides in Los Angeles, California.