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Israel Tours with World Express Travel

World Express Travel offers a variety of Israel tours that are designed to meet the needs of travelers of all backgrounds and interests. We plan trips for groups, individuals, families, and organizations with travelers from the USA and all over the globe.

Plan a Personalized, All-Inclusive Tour in Israel

World Express Travel  specializes in providing unique and unforgettable travel experiences. Whether it’s a pilgrimage to the Holy Land to fulfill a lifelong dream to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, or a curiosity to see the ancient historical sites of modern Israel and all its innovations, we have Israel tours to meet every interest and design. A trip to Israel can be a very powerful and moving personal experience, and World Express Travel is committed to providing you with an Israel tour that will be exciting, meaningful and unforgettable.

Our Jewish Heritage trips, Holy Land tours, Bar and Bat Mitzvah trips, Israel tours for Synagogues, Organizations and Missions, as well as our Special Interest and Custom tours are all designed to give our clients a personalized, all-inclusive Israel Experience.

World Express Travel offers you creativity and flexibility. We can book you on a group tour or collaborate with you to plan private, customized Israel tours with itineraries that match your needs and interests. With over 30 years of experience in the travel industry, we offer you expert advice and the benefit of our strong working relationships and extensive network of connections with all major hotels, site managers, tour operators and top guides in Israel. World Express Travel has a knowledgeable and hard working staff that is always available to provide timely responses and ongoing and helpful communications. When you think of Israel, think of World Express Travel – we’ll take you there!

Plan a Jewish Heritage Tour

Our Jewish Heritage group tours are very popular for people of all ages and offer an affordable and a very comprehensive way to see Israel. Discover Israel as you travel with small groups, in an intimate and friendly atmosphere, to locations you have only read about. Explore the history of the land of Israel in person with one of our Jewish Heritage Israel tours, which vary from 9 to 14 days and depart frequently.

Plan a Holy Land Tour

Our Christian Holy Land tours are designed for church groups and individuals alike. On our Christian Holy Land tours, you will have the opportunity to trace the origins of your faith, and discover or renew your connections to the Holy Land. You will embark on a journey both physically and spiritually that will strengthen your faith and your understanding of the Biblical stories. Join one of our frequently departing group tours or let us help you plan your own journey to the Holy Land.

Plan a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel

Celebrating the occasion of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel is the ultimate spiritual and family bonding experience. World Express Travel offers group or private Bar and Bat Mitzvah tours. These tours also include all arrangements for a meaningful service and your celebration. In the case of private tours, we are able to help you plan Bar or Bat Mitzvah services in a variety of unique locations and if desired, festive luncheons, receptions or parties for friends and family while you are in Israel.

Tour Israel as an Organization with Expert Assistance

We are aware that Missions, Synagogues and Organizations tours have unique needs and objectives. Whether the focus is on fundraising goals, educational purposes, establishing a better understanding of the issues faced by Israel “up close,” or any other reason, World Express Travel can help. We have extensive experience coordinating complex itineraries with multiple contacts in Israel, various tracks and event, special VIP requirements, and providing ongoing and extensive support along every step of the way.

El Al Packages Our partnership with El Al Airlines allows us to provide our customers with the best deals on airfare and packages. We offer a variety of El Al packages that not only get you to Israel, but give you the best deals once you’re there.

Special Interest and Custom Designed Tours

Custom itineraries are the hottest new trend in travel to Israel. Whatever your interest, we can design a custom tour that will focus on what you are excited about! Whether it be the environment, archaeology, art and music, culture and dance, cooking and food, biking or hiking, innovation or religious pluralism…the options are endless and we are happy to integrate your passions and interests as we help you design your own custom Israel tour.

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