Ammonium lactate lotion is a topical drug that is generally utilized to deal with particular skin conditions. It is a combination of ammonium hydroxide as well as lactic acid, both of which have moisturizing as well as scrubing properties. This lotion is largely made use of to alleviate the symptoms of completely dry, harsh, and also itchy skin.

Ammonium lactate lotion is available by prescription as well as over the counter in various strengths, including 12% and also 5%. The greater stamina is normally prescribed for much more extreme instances, while the lower stamina is suitable for general skin moisturization.

Hydrating Dry Skin

One of the primary uses of ammonium lactate lotion is to moisturize dry skin. Dry skin can happen because of numerous elements such as ecological problems, aging, as well as particular clinical problems. Using the cream to the impacted locations aids urofemmin precio inkafarma to moisten the skin, restore its all-natural moisture obstacle, and also improve its total look as well as texture.

Ammonium lactate cream is especially practical for people with completely dry skin problem such as xerosis, a condition identified by exceedingly completely dry and also half-cracked skin. Normal use the lotion can offer durable moisturization and remedy for the discomfort related to completely dry skin.

In addition, ammonium lactate cream can additionally be used to hydrate other locations of the body susceptible to dry skin, including the arm joints, knees, and also feet. These areas are typically more vulnerable to dry skin and roughness, and the lotion can assist soften the skin and reduce any type of associated discomfort.

Treating Keratosis Pilaris

Another common use ammonium lactate cream is for the therapy of keratosis pilaris. This is a common skin disease identified by small, harsh bumps on the skin, normally on the upper arms, upper legs, or buttocks. The bumps are caused by the buildup of keratin, a healthy protein that shields the skin.

Ammonium lactate lotion can assist exfoliate the skin, removing the excess keratin as well as smoothing out the rough bumps. Normal use of the cream can improve the appearance of the impacted areas and reduce any type of associated irritation or pain.

It is important to keep in mind that while ammonium lactate lotion can aid take care of the signs and symptoms of keratosis pilaris, it may not completely get rid of the condition. Nevertheless, it can dramatically enhance the general appearance and also appearance of the influenced locations.

Decreasing Hyperkeratotic Problems

Hyperkeratotic problems describe the too much enlarging of the skin, commonly caused by the accumulation of keratin. These problems can include problems such as ichthyosis and also psoriasis, which can be chronic and also call for long-term management.

Ammonium lactate cream can be used as component of a thorough treatment program for hyperkeratotic problems. Its exfoliating residential properties help to reduce the density of the skin and also reduce connected signs such as flaking, scaling, as well as itching. Regular application of the cream can advertise smoother and also healthier-looking skin, giving relief for those experiencing hyperkeratotic problems.

Maintaining Healthy Skin

Also for people without particular skin problem, ammonium lactate lotion can be valuable for keeping general skin health and wellness. It can be used as a routine moisturizer to prevent dry skin and maintain the skin hydrated. The lotion is easily taken in right into the skin, giving long-lasting moisturization without leaving behind an oily deposit.

By incorporating ammonium lactate lotion into their skin care routine, individuals can keep softer, smoother, and much more supple skin. Regular usage can likewise help boost the efficiency of various other skincare products by developing a well-moisturized base for their application.


Ammonium lactate cream is a functional topical drug that offers several benefits for the skin. From moisturizing completely dry skin to treating crema enerflex problems such as keratosis pilaris and hyperkeratotic conditions, it can aid minimize a range of skin worries. Normal use of this lotion can cause softer, smoother, and healthier-looking skin, advertising total skin wellness and well-being.

If you have any certain skin concerns or conditions, it is always best to consult with a healthcare specialist or dermatologist prior to utilizing any type of medication or skin care item.