Top 5 Must-See Israel Christian Tours Destinations

Israel is a beautiful country shrouded in mystery, and if you are planning on visiting the Holy Land with the intention to visit the places where Jesus Christ walked, you are in for the experience of a lifetime. First, you will want to find a great company that offers Christian tours to Israel; beware of those bargain-basement tours because some are “questionable” and you don’t want to have to be put in a position to “turn the other cheek” if you pay money and the bus never shows up. For the best Israel Christian tours experience look for an all-inclusive company with an established history that offers airfare, hotel, and tours. You will also want to ask the travel company if the tours include these must-see landmarks synonymous with your Christian faith.

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  1. Bethlehem–Home of the Baby Jesus

Perhaps one of the best-known accounts from the Bible’s New Testament is the story of Jesus’ birth, which is why Bethlehem is a top Israel Christian tours destination. It has everything: the annunciation, King Herod ordering the death of male Jewish babies because it was foretold the King of the Jews was going to be born, and fleeing to Bethlehem where the Messiah would be born in a manger. When you go to Bethlehem be sure to visit the Church of the Nativity, and Shepherd’s Field–where angels appeared before some shepherds to announce the birth of Jesus. When you break for lunch a favorite restaurant for tourists and locals alike is Afteem for their falafel, or Abu Eli for authentic Middle Eastern Food. In fact, both restaurants are so good you would swear a star in the sky showed some wise men where to partake of delicious vittles well worth a pinch of frankincense, a dab of myrrh, and a gold coin or two.

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  1. Nazareth–The Childhood Home of Jesus

Located near Mount Tabor, Nazareth is not only a beautiful place but also one brimming with Christian must-see hot spots. Be sure you see Mary’s Well where an angel appeared to her and informed the Virgin she would be giving birth to the Savior. Megiddo National Park is also an ideal place for those to visit who wish to meditate or pray in the natural landscape where Jesus and his disciples gathered. You can also visit Cana and see where Jesus turned water into wine at a party that had some pretty cranky guests.  St. Joseph Church offers a more intimate experience compared to some of the larger churches, and contains ancient baths. When researching Israel Christian tours be sure the company offers dining options. If you plan to eat in Nazareth visit Tishreen where you can enjoy a fusion of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Israeli cuisine with farm-to-table ingredients.

Mount Zion destination for Israel Christian tours.
  1. Mount Zion–Amazing Views from a Holy Place

Mount Zion is the highest vista in ancient Jerusalem, and is a must-see Israel Christian tours destination for two main reasons: it is where you can visit the tomb of King David, and see the spot where Jesus and his disciples had their Last Supper. Mount Zion is so beautiful that, according to some historians, the Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent ordered to have the Old City’s walls built, and when Mount Zion was excluded from the zoning, he was so enraged he had the laborers beheaded.  Be sure you also see Dormition Abbey, a Benedictine settlement. Finally, pay a respectful visit to the grave of Oskar Schindler–a spy and member of the Nazi party who saved the lives of more than 1200 Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his factories. Though not known to be included in Christian tours, many Christian visitors stop at his grave and reflect on Schindler’s selfless and dangerous act to do the right thing and help his fellow man–a message that is central to Christianity. In fact, the Nation of Israel even declared him a Righteous Man.

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  1. The Garden Tomb–A Place for Reflection with Israel Christian Tours

This is one of the locations considered to be a likely spot where Jesus was buried, and is known as a place for reflection by many guests who take popular Israel Christian tours. Visitors are invited to explore its double chambers, and reflect on Christ’s sacrifice. The site is surrounded by some beautiful gardens that offer rest in between excursions. This picturesque landscape is also a great place to have a picnic, and it is a popular destination for prayer groups as well as individuals who wish to strengthen their faith through thoughtful prayer.

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  1. The Sea of Galilee–Making One a Fisher of Men

Not only is the Sea of Galilee a stunning place of natural beauty nestled in a region rich with volcanic soil that produces some amazing local wines, it is also where some of the most famous miracles took place. The Sea of Galilee is steeped in Christian history. One day right along its banks Jesus was out for a stroll and saw the brothers Simon (later called Peter) and Andrew casting their nets into the sea, where upon he spoke the famous lines, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”, to which they dropped their nets and followed.

The Sea of Galilee is where Jesus taught his disciples the meaning of strong faith by calming the storm, and where Christ fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Another great local inspirational story of faith came when Jesus walked on water and called to Peter to follow him. Peter began walking on the water towards Jesus, but upon seeing the wrath of the sea, he became nervous and started sinking and calling out for the Lord. Jesus reached out and took his hand saying, “You little-faith”, they boarded the boat, the weather went calm, and Peter said “You truly are the Son of God.” When visiting the Sea of Galilee through your Israel Christian tours itinerary, allow yourself to reflect on your own faith. Many have said that taking a Christian tour to the Holy Land has strengthened their faith and brought them closer to God.

Visit Tel Aviv in Israel

Consider Extending Your Stay in Israel

If you are going to Israel to experience the origin of Christianity, Israel also offers a number of other attractions and has a rich, beautiful culture worth exploring if you have some extra time to spare in your travel plans. Tel Aviv is roughly a 30-minute drive from Jerusalem. Many say that visiting Israel’s capital is like finding a slice of Europe in the Middle East. Tel Aviv has an amazing night life, is a progressive leader in the tech industry, and is known for its pristine beaches, as well as being the smartest city in the world. Ask your Israel Christian tours company if there is an option to add a few days on to explore Tel Aviv, and experience modern Israel alongside its mystical, ancient past.

Yoga – Fun & Sun in Eilat

 Yoga – Fun & Sun in Eilat

January 19-21, 2017

Join Yoga colleagues from around the world in the First Yoga retreat taking place in the resort city of Eilat from January 19-21, 2017. Enjoy the serenity of breathtaking views of mountains and deserts, the warm winter sun, tranquility of sunsets over the Red Sea as you deepen your knowledge of yoga.

Eilat, the southernmost resort city of Israel located along the Red Sea, is the perfect setting for meditation and a spiritual life.

For more information and registration:

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Eilat’s dramatic coastline with an array of            resort  hotels
Join Yoga & Fun in the Sun of Eilat, Israel

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Over 70 Israel Hotels Now Rated

Over 70 Hotels In Israel Now Rated 

Based On Official Hotelstars Classification.

Over 70 hotels throughout Israel have already received their official star ranking based on the HotelStars European classification system, using 270 criteria adapted to the realities in Israel At this stage, the classification is voluntary, and many more hotels are expected to join the Israeli Tourism Ministry-led initiative to provide transparency and standardization in hotel classification.

Israel hotels are not allowed to publicize hotel star ratings for sales or marketing purposes other than those under the Hotelstars system. The regulations also stipulate that hotels must publicize their rates inclusive of all charges, excluding taxes. For foreign tourists, the price published will be exclusive of VAT, while noting that these prices are for foreign tourists only.

These hotels include five star superior, such as the Mamilla, King David and David Citadel hotels in Jerusalem, the Dan, Isrotel Royal Beach, Sheraton and Carlton in Tel Aviv and Dan Eilat and Herod’s Vitalis and Palace in Eilat – among others. Three star hotels include the Agrippas Boutique and Jerusalem Tower in the capital, and the Sea Net in Tel Aviv; three star superior hotels include the Jerusalem Gardens and the YMCA Three Arches, as well as the Gilgal and Maxim hotels in Tel Aviv. Among those hotels listed as four star – Caesar and Jerusalem Gold in the capital, Colony in Haifa and the Sport Club in Eilat. Four star superior hotels in Jerusalem include the Yehuda Hotel (the first hotel in Israel to receive the official ranking) and Dan Boutique, as well as Isrotel Tower Tel Aviv and Leonardo Plaza Ashdod.

Tourism Ministry Director-General Amir Halevy believes that the ratings system will bring great benefit to tourists, hoteliers and the tourism industry in general: the system will lead to increased transparency and consequently increased consumer confidence, an improvement in the level of service and international standardization that will make it easier for marketing in Europe in particular, where the system is well-known. The official hotel classification is designed to be a helpful tool for tour operators and travel agents, assisting them to assess hotel quality and improve their service to the client.

The Hotelstars system has been adopted by 14 European countries: Austria, Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Holland, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and Greece.

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The style of today’s hotels in Israel – a range of options
Israel offers lodging styles from dramatic to conservatively modest

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The Western Wall Heritage Foundation has recently opened three new activities to visit at the Western Wall, including a tour that harness cutting edge technology to help visitors go back in time, and a look at the impressive excavations on a “behind the scenes tour” allowing visitors to touch the stones of ancient Jerusalem.

A Look into the Past

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation has just opened a virtual visit to the Second Temple using 360 degree virtual reality technology. Participants sit wearing a unique headset that create a 360 degree field of vision and give an impression of travelling back in time enabling participants to feel that they are actually standing in the Temple itself, and seeing it as it looked 2,000 years ago.

Virtual reality technology is the last word in 3D interactivity. The experience in 360 degrees, which surrounds the viewers and transports them to another place and time, creates a completely interactive experience. In this ground-breaking project which combines the talents of artists, researchers, animation experts and programmers, a computerized, 3D model of the Temple has been created with exceptional attention to every detail. The virtual visit is accompanied by narration, which is based on thorough research, and offers the participants another fascinating layer of understanding and learning about the glory days of ancient Jerusalem.

The tour takes participants back to Jerusalem approximately 2000 years ago to the open air market next to the Temple. Participants can wander past Robinson’s Arch and the Royal Stoa in the southwest corner before going through the gates of the Temple into the Temple courtyards, past the altar and into the midst of the priests completing their daily tasks. The tour ends inside the Temple, where the visitor can see the menorah and the High Priest can be seen performing the “ketoret”, burning the incense on the small gold altar.

It is possible to get an idea of time travel from this short YouTube clip:

The virtual reality tour is run by Western Wall Heritage Foundation and is open to visitors by the entrance to the Kotel Tunnels, adjacent to the Kotel Plaza. A reservation is not necessary.

Journey to Jerusalem

The Journey to Jerusalem is a 50 minute interactive multi-media journey that follows historical events, from the destruction of the Temple until the return to Jerusalem and its reconstruction in modern times, through an interactive program that includes dozens of video clips. The Journey to Jerusalem takes place in a special room that was recently exposed in the Western Wall Tunnels, in a building previously used as part of a Mamluk inn. During the journey, events and dilemmas encountered by Jews in various countries and throughout history will be explored. It is up to the visitor to make decisions, such as their forefathers did, about whether or not to stay put or to continue wandering. Throughout the experience, you will see that Jerusalem was never far from the hearts of minds of Jews no matter where they were in the world.

After the destruction of the Second Temple, in the year 3830 [70 AD], the Jewish people were dispersed among the countries of exile, where each community adapted to traditions that were unique to that location. Each community and family has a special story, lasting generations, but all have one common thread: leaving Jerusalem and returning home.

For more than a decade, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation has been studying the various routes travelled by these Jewish groups until their return to Jerusalem and the establishment of the State of Israel. Following many years of research and archeological excavations, ending with three years of production and editing, the findings of this study have been made available to the general public in the Journey to Jerusalem – an exciting interactive experience that enables viewers to follow their ancestors through the Diaspora, on their journey back to our nation’s eternal capital. This incredible project and experience has been possible by the generosity of the Schottenstein Family.

The Journey is suitable for the entire family. The Journey to Jerusalem is presented in Hebrew and English. Reservations must be made in advance and fees paid at the entrance.

Guided tour in English of the Core Excavation

It is now possible to book a guided tour in English on a regular basis of the excavation site termed the Core excavations which is like a “behind the scenes tour” that compliments a tour of the Tunnels.  The site opened to the general public in 2013 and is located to the west of the Western Wall Plaza, below ground level and between the houses of the Jewish Quarter and the Plaza. The site contains unique archeological findings from many periods of Jerusalem’s 3,000 years of existence, and evidence of Jewish settlement and government from the First Temple, 2,700 years ago.

For more information:

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western-wall-2 western-wall-3 western-wall-4


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NexTech Be’er Sheva, the International Advanced Technology Conference that will be held in Be’er Sheva November 30, 2016,  is the first conference of its kind to be held in Israel for individuals and organizations involved in the most advanced technological developments from academia and a variety of innovative industries.

For more information: 

Over 10,000 people from over 50 countries are expected to participate in Cybertech in Tel Aviv, January 31 – February 1, 2017.

Cybertech 2017 will bring together leading multi-national corporates, SMB’s, start-ups, private and corporate investors, venture capital firms, experts, and clients in the most significant conference and exhibition of cyber technologies outside of the United States.

For more information: 

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International Technology Conferences in Israel continue to increase


Worldwide attendance at Israel’s international technology conferences contributes to                   greater success

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